Hii!! It’s me Lover girl is back😍.Love is sometimes sweet and tough sometimes.It is up to us how we see it and how we per sue it.😉

So,coming back to my Love story.After joining in my tuition,days started passing by I didn’t still get my eyes on him and we did not yet start to speak..

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So,then one day came up in my Life.We were in same class for both physics and Chemistry tuition.And the tuition hours were at evening from 6:00 to 8:00,🕕each one  hr.

So, tuition were at Sundays too.But the timing was flexible according to us.So,our Chemistry mam asked us to discuss the timing for Sunday class.While discussing🤔 as he was Physics sir son he acted like little head over the boys and said the time in behalf of boys to us😏.And me was the head of the girls as no one among us took in charge so I took it.He said to mam a specific time where girls we were not OK with that,the time he said was 10 am.But girls we thought of little earlier,so we said mam we were not convinced with the time😌 .

And so mam after seeing our clashes she suggested us an idea.”OK,Let’s have an competition tomorrow,let’s see who comes to the class first 🥇and the time she suggested was 6:30 am. We will see either boys r girls who comes to class first”.🥇

When mam said this me and him at the same time at the same second met each other at eyes😍.That was the first moment me and him meet for the first time☺️.”Wow!!! I could still feel that moments and that clear pure heart

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And at Sunday,we 10 girls decided to be the win the competition and so decided to reach class soon.Boys Vs Girls my first simple crazy competition.But unfortunately we girls lost,and they won.He smirked at me.Oh My God!! I lost .But does not mattered for me so much after seeing him , smiling ☺️and talking with his friends,My heart felt it to be good and I liked him .. as a person .. That’s it.

Happy I recalled a small moment in my Life with you.. 🙂

Your Comments are always welcome 🙂 

Love is something to be felt inside.. 💘

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Lover Girl ❤️ XOXO


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