Hii!! I am back today. 😎Here in this Blog I am not only gonna share with you about my Love,am also gonna share with you some Love tips💖.They may be mostly Known to all persons who have been in Love,to some of our  friends who are near us,and mostly known  to everyone because love is being everywhere!!So,Love tips are gonna be your well-wisher.

We Everyone Learn certain things in Life ,because Life teaches us many lessons for us and we have been Learning it all time.But at some point in Life,we needed someone to recall that to you,to become more clear in thought and Decisions.


So,Today Love Tips💘 I am gonna Share with you is,

💙 For Girls,

Don’t Ever Compare Your Lover Boy with any other third Person may be not with your father too,even one are unique and different in their way, and your relationship is all that matters.Accept Him for what He is💕

💜For Boys,

If a Girl sacrifices something for you.Please Do respect her.It doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice something too, just to compete with her or to make it equal.Make her Feel Special that is going to be the only thing she wants from You💕

I  am gonna share with you a tons and tons of tips with you Further.So,I would Like you to ask some questions..

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And I would Like to ask you One more question,you can answer it ,If you Like so…

Do you Think Possessiveness should be with Love or Not ??🤔

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Love too needs some Advises to be Loved😅

You can also ask me Any Questions,and I am ready to Answer You.


Lover Girl ❤️XOXO



Lve Diary#01 

This is going to be my first share to the world about my whole Love story and all the Love I had for my Life.So,I am a South Indian Girl where in my tradition ,Love is not so supported.They hate Love marriages.But,me unfortunately or luckily fell in love..>3 just did not think  whether it would be possible or not.So I am Just going on with my love and with all courage in my heart to face my family and society who are against Love.

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So,coming to my Love Story.It all started so soon.I don’t know whether god had planned for me in that way in my Life.It started at my school days when I was doing my 11th standard.For South Indians the tough stages are always the 11 and 12 th standard in their school life.So,I too came to that stage,but never expected this turn in my Life.

As it is going to be my Life changing stage,my dad and mom decided to join me in tuition which was near my home at a walk able distance.So,it was Physics,Chemistry and Mathematics tuition.But that day I did not realize that this is the place where  I am gonna feel my Life,my Love,Find My soul,everything special.

Till that day I never sat in a co-ed class.That was my first day in tuition.I had my neighbors accompanying with me too.And my neighbors classmates too joined along with us and we were totally among 10 girls were in my gang.And there were other girls from other schools too.Total strength of girls approx may be 25 and boys would be 26.Me very studious and very jovial among all,becoming friend to my neighbors friends was so easy.

We all were in tuition,Our First day tuition and first co-ed class,new friends It was an exciting day in my Life.And the tuition room were divide into two separate columns for girls and boys.Likewise some boys too arrived,being first co-ed class I did not get courage to face the boys side.

We were all excited ,as all 10 members were excited about the going on,but didn’t show it out.And that moment he(My Lover Boy😍) entered the class,he was tall  only that I saw in my first visit.I never too turned his side too.And that second even his face didn’t get registered in my mind too.

But he came along with my Physics sir.Yes,he was my physics teacher’s son.But at that day it was not a big deal for me,but today if I think about all that it is little weird too.My physics sir son,Oh My God!! Very weird😜

This is how he came into my Life😘

Stay in Love.For more days for the  Life of my Love😎

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Love is sometimes cute😍 n weird 😜 too

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Lover Girl ❤️ XOXO