Love Diary#❤️03

Lve Diary#❤️03

Hi!!☺️ It’s me your lover girl is back to share with you my memories 😍.So,After that incident at tuition.I got little interest over him and started noticing him,his small chats and laughs,his funny teases over his friends,always happy.I like it.And  by that time other tuition girls in my class started to talk and get bond with us too.😊


He studied in an co-ed school ,so I guessed some things related to him should be known to girls in my tuition,.6-7 Girls were from his school.Because girls know everything 😜 So,slowly me and my friends started asking about all boys to the girls but my attention and eagerness was only about him, We asked them like his character,his attitude towards girls,and many more things,to know better about him😊.

So,the girls started saying a lot of lot stories about all boys,and the story about him too came out.They said he is a very genuine guy never sees or talks with any girls much and Somewhat I agree with that point too.He never sees any girl or even never tried to talk with others 😜.So,I know he never gonna come and talk with anyone or to me never in my Lifetime it is gonna happen.I just expected a little😜,but nothing matters much.😊

I am a normal south Indian girl with normal fairness not too fair or not too dark.But he was Fair,Tall,Handsome,Have a lovely smile, beautiful eyes and so on.Yup!!He never wants to talk to girls.I got angry 😡after just thinking over again and again.Is he such a over attitude person? From That day I never looked at him and to be exact in words I never Bothered about him.

Love sometimes gives us something not expected a way more better than we expected.!!😍

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Lover Girl❤️XOXO