Lve Diary#04

Hi!!! So,coming back to my Love story❤️

After two to three month passed by,Me and my other friends got adapted 🙂 to co-ed class,but we didn’t start to interact with Boys yet.So,obviously both girls and Boys were Little curious about each one and was collecting many gossips from other girls and we used to have fun for ourselves.😅

As it been a long time,there came our first tuition test for physics.So,we 10 girls got well prepared.So my tuition class was on my Chemistry teacher home 🏡 upstairs ,separated by two rooms, one for physics and other for chemistry.

So,before starting the test we were made to sit at some little distance from each other inside the class and the rest of them were made to sit outside the class,there were huge space outside the class.So,we all 10 girls 👧 sat outside and him👦(my lover boy😉)sat inside the class.

So,it is an one hour test.I completed the test little late only.So,Sir asked us all to complete the test soon and submit the test papers to his son(Lover Boy😉).And physics sir asked me to collect the paper from girls and submit to his son.I didn’t think of anything of that minute but later after collecting all the paper and when the  moment came for me to go near him to give the papers.That was the moment it strike my heart “Hey you are going to talk to him for the very first time!!”.😊

I went near him and gave him the paper and I was telling him the count number of girls present and absent today.But you know what he did to me! He didn’t even see my eyes nor my face😡.He just got the papers and kept it in his Bag and turned away.He gave me a Big Big Nose cut😑.It was literally unexpected moment for me in my whole entire life😏.


Stay in Love.For more days for the  Life of my Love😎

Love is sometimes tough 😏  to handle !! 

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Lover Girl ❤️ XOXO