Hii!! I am back today. 😎Here in this Blog I am not only gonna share with you about my Love,am also gonna share with you some Love tips💖.They may be mostly Known to all persons who have been in Love,to some of our  friends who are near us,and mostly known  to everyone because love is being everywhere!!So,Love tips are gonna be your well-wisher.

We Everyone Learn certain things in Life ,because Life teaches us many lessons for us and we have been Learning it all time.But at some point in Life,we needed someone to recall that to you,to become more clear in thought and Decisions.


So,Today Love Tips💘 I am gonna Share with you is,

💙 For Girls,

Don’t Ever Compare Your Lover Boy with any other third Person may be not with your father too,even one are unique and different in their way, and your relationship is all that matters.Accept Him for what He is💕

💜For Boys,

If a Girl sacrifices something for you.Please Do respect her.It doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice something too, just to compete with her or to make it equal.Make her Feel Special that is going to be the only thing she wants from You💕

I  am gonna share with you a tons and tons of tips with you Further.So,I would Like you to ask some questions..

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Do you Think Possessiveness should be with Love or Not ??🤔

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Love too needs some Advises to be Loved😅

You can also ask me Any Questions,and I am ready to Answer You.


Lover Girl ❤️XOXO